Owner, Thad Jones

Boyd Sailcloth was conceived/founded by myself and Dan Gebben after a great day on the ocean and then approached by a friend at the dock who asked if we wanted an old sail.  We thought we could create something  unique with this material that had a full history – the rest is our history. 

Over the years we have continued to push ourselves to build bags that are sturdy, beautiful and are one of a kind. All of our bags are made in our Southern California loft with the highest quality materials and attention to every detail of fabrication. 

Our history

The name Boyd Sailcloth came from my mothers side of the family. Her father was an engineer, sailor and wooden boat builder. As a child I was always amazed of the many things he could build. When I visited we often sat at the breakfast table while he would share his knowledge of diesel  engines, refrigeration or whatever was on his mind at the time. 

He pushed me to understand how things worked and even taught me to sew a few things – I was not great. I will always cherish the time he spent teaching me and know it's part of what drives me to figure out things by doing. 

Moes, VP of napping on sails

Moes has been with me now for 11 years and does not like to be left at home.  He loves going to the Sail loft most days or a car ride to get a new load of sails.  He enjoys morning naps in the sun and butt scratches by our seamstress Monica.